Dublin Anondson


I'm Dublin Anondson. I'm a developer living in Northwest Arkansas with my lovely wife Rachel. It's gorgeous here but sometimes we wish we were closer to some mountains ⛰️. I'm currently a team lead for a mobile product at J.B. Hunt.
I'm usually juggling a couple personal projects at a time, which you can find on GitHub. Some of my past professional work includes shipping a user management system for FSBP TrackIt and writing some of the core middleware backbone and a couple screens for Movista's mobile communication app, YAPP. Additionally, I've help set web direction and improve developer experience via some custom solutioning within Movista's core web offering, MVRetail.
When not at the computer I'm usually making/listening/experiencing music or exercising. I volunteer some time every month to help others through AskADev. I also publish some guides (and other stuff) over on dev.

Let's get in touch.

Drop me a line here. If you want to get really professional about it here's my LinkedIn.
Check out my spotify wrapped for 2021 and 2022.
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