Dublin Anondson


I'm Dublin Anondson. I'm a developer living in Northwest Arkansas with my lovely wife Rachel. It's gorgeous here but sometimes we wish we were closer to some mountains ⛰️. I write code up the street at Movista.
I'm usually juggling a couple personal projects at a time, which you can find on GitHub. Some of my past professional work includes shipping a user management system for FSBP TrackIt and writing some of the core middleware backbone and a couple screens for Movista's mobille communication app, YAPP.
When not at the computer I'm usually making/listening/experiencing music or exercising. I volunteer some time every month to help others through AskADev. I also publish some guides (and other stuff) over on dev.

Let's get in touch.

Drop me a line here. If you want to get really professional about it here's my LinkedIn.
Check out my spotify wrapped for 2021.
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